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Recently i brought a new laptop, when i first got it i never watched HD Videos but on my previous laptop (XP) HD videos worked perfectly, on youtube, and other programmes i watch HD on. but now ive tryed watching HD videos on youtube and on a programme i use and it goes unbelivable slow, the audio is fine. i watch it on my laptop and the video goes slow, and the audio is fine. it never did this for my old laptop. any ideas?
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  1. What software is installed? Codecs, browser, plugins? What are the exact programs used?
  2. ermm im really not sure on how to get that info, software i know its a windows vista home edition.
  3. 1. Click the Start Orb and type CMD in the search box.
    2. Click cmd.exe at the top of the search results.
    3. At the Cmd prompt type wmic and hit enter.
    4. You will now see wmic:root\cli>Type product get name,version hit enter.
    type /output:c:\ProgramList.txt product get name,version

    open that file, select all, copy & paste here.

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