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I am building a web server to host, at this moment, 3 websites. I have little to no experience with linux but i do have tons of experience with computers, mostly local stuff and not networking or world wide. I have looked at a few good videos on youtube that will help me get up and running.

video 1: Covers lamp and a ton of ways to add a gui and remote connect

video 2: Setups up a static ip for my websites

video 3: Covers running multiple websites ( i believe most of this i can do thru one of the gui's setup in the first video)

I was wondering how i tie a url to one of the sites files. ex.

Is there any guide that you would recommend? Do you think i have a good information from the above videos? Is there any books/references/websites/videos that you recommend i watch or read?

I was planning on getting a book or 2 on LAMP and the linux command line

command line book:

LAMP book:

How do you do what i have listed above and do i have a good set of information? I have looked into this as thoroughly as i can possibly conceive. Please give me any advice and help answer my question as best as you can. Tutorials are welcome videos preferred (text doesnt explain line by line what everything is doing)
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  1. Not seen your vids so no comment. Once you direct your domain name at the fixed IP address it will go to the server where apache2 takes over as it is listening for incoming traffic and will open the folder where your webpages are located, on my Ubuntu server they are by default at /var/www/ . You can plunk as many as you want there and activate them in your apache2 config files. Best you read up on multiple web sites under apache2 for details.
  2. Just to add, if you point several domains to the same fixed IP then, with the appropriate configuration, Apache will open different sites.
  3. Okay so how do i point that domain at the servers ip? Do i still have to purchase domain names from a service like godaddy ?
  4. Yes, you need to purchase any domain(s) that you want to use. You then configure DNS via the domain provider to point all the domains to the IP address of your web server. You then create Virtual Servers in Apache associated with those domain(s). When the server receives a request it will route it to the appropriate Virtual Server using the URL.
  5. sadfacebunny said:
    Okay so how do i point that domain at the servers ip? Do i still have to purchase domain names from a service like godaddy ?

    Do keep in mind that if you are going to have your own server you just purchase the domain name from a service of which there are many and not the hosting package as you will be your own host. A .com is less than $10/year. They will register it with the internet powers and point it to the address you specify that you get from your ISP. If you haven't already I would highly recommend that you install WEBMIN on the server as it facilitates setting up your apache2 configuration and your virtual servers.
  6. +1 for Webmin. Great software.
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