Core Temp AUX Temp: What it is?

Excuse-me in advance for any annoyances.

I've just built myself a Core 2 duo computer. Ambient Temp is around 28ºC. Every temp seems to look fine on CoreTemp, like System 39ºC CPU 41ºC AUX 71ºC HD0 41ºC HD1 41ºC Core0 32ºC e Core1 33ºC. All these are Idle.

What is scaring me is the Aux temp. It's very high, but I don't know where this sensor is. So I wonder if any of you know if this is normal or where the sensor is placed.

When it’s loaded, the Aux rises to 100ºC.

Thanks in advance.

On TAT, idle stays around 48ºC

Edited to ad TAT info.
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  1. AFAIK, AUX is for the psu, but that isnt possible. Not even the highest quality commercial PC power supplies can operate at over around 70.

    I wouldnt worry about it. At 100ºc peices of your psu would have literally melted by now, so it has to be faulty reading.
  2. i get the same thing. i have physically measured the temps everywhere and nothing is that high. it's just a glitch so ignore it.
  3. Thank you for you responses, APT403 e C_deck. I waz a bit worried, but i've noticied that it's a glitch too. When I turn fan 3 to 35% (not more not less, 35% exactly) on Coretemp the temp gown down to 37ºC. And once it hit -42ºC, followed by 6ºC. This is on 28ºC ambient and all air cooled.
  4. my aux temp is all over the map as well. i wasted a couple hours checking it out.

    my mobo is an asus with the 975x chipset (p5w-dh-deluxe). no software update seems to fix it.
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