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Ok I'm running XP with 1 gb of ram and I've tried everything to enable the fast user switching. I've made sure terminalservices is running, I've tried switching the logon/logoff options under the User Accounts window, as well as going into the registry and switching the allowmultipleTSSesions value to 1. But FUS still doesn't want to run. I've also tried to disable the welcome screen and it won't let me do that either. So if anyone has any suggestions that would be greatly appreciated!!
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  1. is the copy that you are running a real version or is it a hack,if you use a hack to pass WGA, it also hacks the img file for the system and that diables the fast switching
  2. its the real version i bought it from best buy preloaded but it had the fus enabled at one point in time
  3. Do you have the Netware networking client installed? FUS won't work with Netware.

  4. yea i didnt think it would so i unistalled that awhile ago. right now i have these installed:

    -QoS Packet Scheduler
    -File and Printer Sharing For Microsoft Networks
    -Microsoft TCP/IP Ver 6
    -Pure Networks Device Discovery Driver
    -Pure Networks Wireless Driver
    -Internet Protocol
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