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I am suffering from a dillema...the thing that i would like to know is that I have a EVGA Geforce 7900GS and I have to attach a power cable(Y cable) on it( some extra power thing it requres)...The thing is that When I attach the connector it is a y cable which can attach to power dongles do I use only 1 or do I attach 2 power dongles in the Y cable. Please help me as I do not know if
i have to only insert 1 power dongle connection and if it will affect performance.

Thank you
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  1. Did you read the instructions that came with it?
  2. well it depends.. i'm using the converter thing cause mine doesn't have the pci-e connector either. I'm still using my antec truepower I 480W since i'm not overclocking anything at the moment :lol:
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