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Hello all im looking to make a backup of my world of warcraft program but it is like 12gb all together and that's when it is compressed, is there some way for me to burn these files to multiple disks or am i gonna have to re compress these files into small pieces!??

tia dnlclrk
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  1. Acronis true image is a pretty good piece of software.

    It will alow you to back up everthing in its compressed state.
    It wont allow you to backup the program and allow you to just reinstall it and have everything work due to registry settings and such. but I know that WOW has all kinds of updates and patches that come with the various levels.
    Getting all of those into one area and backing them up would make a reinstall go much faster.

    From what I understand all of your level settings and achievments are stored on their servers so once it is reinstalled with the correct patches and updates you should be right back where you were. My kid goes to other kids houses that have it and plays on his account.

    My kid plays it none stop on the XP half of this computer and I want to reinstall XP so I am looking at the same problems that you are and this is how I think Im going to tackle it.
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