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Panda USB vaccine


have anybody tried Panda USB vaccine from Panda Security?

I had tried it, but I discovered that an "autorun.inf" file will be created after I

had used it to vaccinate my "FAT 32" USB pen drive.

I will like to know if it is safe for the "autorun.inf" file to remain in my usb pen


The Panda Usb Vaccine can be downloaded from


Thank You

Best regards

Wilson Cheng
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  1. Ya Wilson!
    I'd used it! Its safe Only!
    Don't Worry!
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    dont delete the autorun... if you do. it might cause your usb drive to die/ like it did to my 16gb.

    panda usb vaccine makes it so the auto run file cannot be modified or read
  3. ^ +1 c0ll3ctor3
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