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Hello all again!
Been a while... Been packing up my house.. going to move into a brand new shiny one( well the house itself is 38 years old, but has been fully renovated :) )
Ok here is my issue..
I am born deaf and can therefore not hear sound the normal way. I sense it thru the floor and with hearing aids i can "hear" the music coming but can't tell tones from each other nor if anyone sings or not.
But i do have a normal hearing wife and 2 sons. One of my sons play in a band and is the lead vokalist so i would like to be able to get a sound card that he would be able to record his singing and i can still enjoy my music.
So any suggestions?
So yeah if it was wholly up to me the onboard motherboard sound card would do it. But for my son its a different case. So please help out :)
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  1. When you say record him singing, do you mean just his singing or him singing and recording other instuments ie. multi-tracking? And if he is to use multi-track recording what software will he be using?
  2. I dont know what kind music he makes although its punk rock i guess.
    Software? no clue.. give me suggestions of software thats powerful and at the same time easy to use. And when it comes to the card we have sorta looked at the X fi cards but not sure tbh. All suggestions are welcome.
  3. Olav,

    There are many alternatives for recording. However, just to keep things simple I'll list 2 alternatives:

    1. M-Audio 1010LT. This will give your son the option of 8 simultaneous analog inputs (a good starting number for recording a band) and comes bundled with "Ableton Live Lite 5" (recording software-never used it personally). Around $250.00 USD.


    2. Cheaper but good alternative. A used Audigy card from Ebay + free software. Look on Ebay for an Audigy 2 ZS (model number SB0350) or and Audigy 1 (SB0090). Use the kX drivers for these cards (designed especially for recording). With a minor hardware tweak + the kX drivers you can get 4 simultaneous analog inputs from each of these cards.

    You can actually hook 2 of them together with an SPDIF cable and get 8 simultaneous inputs.

    Free recording software that offers 16 tracks - (No MIDI)

    Good luck
  4. Good advice Tug.

    The Soundblaster Live and Audigy cards are very a good cheap recording solution when used with the Kx project drivers (terrible with the creative drivers though). I used to have a 5.1 Platinum and Kx. Worked a treat. The only think I would say about those drivers is they can be a bit tricky to set up at first, but there is are plenty of resources on the net (including this site) that will help with that.

    I haven't used krystal myself but it looks like one hell of a free program. I think I'll check it out this weekend.
  5. Quote:
    those drivers is they can be a bit tricky to set up at first

    It did take me quite a while to figure out the kX drivers. The difference now is that there are better tutorials at the site than there were a few years ago.
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