I cant boot linux on my pc plzz help

hi guys

for some reason i cant boot up linux on my pc.

every time i try it says "booting from CD/DVD"

then it just goes to Windows XP

im tried ubuntu, mint, open suse

BTW they all booted up on dell d600 and for ubuntu and mint i got bad kernal :(
it said i had to use pae?

my pc
ga 78lmt s2 mobo
fx 4100 cpu

also is it the linux distro im using?

off topic: when im using openSUSE, how do i format the hard drive ehen im installing it?
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  1. I take it you are trying to dual boot XP and a linux distro.

    In my experience Ubuntu is the easiest to dual boot. You should download the windows installer from ubuntu.com (wubi.exe).

    Run that and select a seperate (blank) partition to install ubuntu to. Let the install run and when finished reboot your computer.

    Ubuntu should be one of the options to boot into in the boot manager.
  2. Linux in some cases doesn't boot if the dvd rw is plugged into sata 3. Plug into sata 2 port.
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