ForceWare 93.71 & SLI Problem

hey there guys, ive got a problem with the 93.71 Forceware drivers for my 7900GT's

I used to have the older 91.31 drivers on my computer and SLI worked with no problems, but now that ive upgraded to the 93.71 drivers i cant seem to turn SLI on anymore.. is this a common problem with the drivers or me?

But when i play a game with the 93.71 drivers i get the same framerate as if i had SLI turned on :? .. i dont get it.. Is SLI acturally working but not showing or is the game doing tricks on me?

I have 2 XFX 7900GT's SLIed (Apparently)
AMD AthlonX2 5200+
and an Asus M2-XHair motherboard

Thanks for the help guys!
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  1. I had problems running SLI on my partners machine with both the 93.71 and 93.81 (tried 2 7300GT's). not sure what the issue was as it'd worked pretty well on my rig before I upgraded.

    anyways, try these out:

    I'm not sure what exactly they fix, but they may help out.
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