Booting multiple OSes off a SSD

I’m building a new PC and want to use a SSD to boot multiple OSes; specifically the 64-bit versions of Ubuntu, Windows 8, and Ubuntu Studio.

I’m thinking of getting a Crucial m4 128GB or 256GB drive for this, and a 2TB HDD for regular use & storage. I’d like to be able to place a couple of applications that I’d use frequently on the SSD, and maybe some games that I might be playing at the moment, and then move those to the hard drive once I’m done with them.

What would be the best way to partition the drive in order to accomodate the specific needs of each OS, and to get an optimal performance out of it? For example, I’ve read that Windows takes a lot more space than other OSes, and that for Linux, the /var, /tmp, and swap partitions should be on the HDD.

Also, is it worth the price difference to get the 256GB drive for what I’m intending to do? I’m probably asking some pretty obvious questions here, but I’m a newbie at all this stuff.

Thanks in advance.
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    Read through this wiki for tips on linux on SSD, there is a section for partitions and other optimizations.

    As for windows, probably the first 1000 hits on google will give you the info you need.
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  3. Thanks for the link!
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