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i am having problem with my pc, actually my system restarts just when it's up to open windows. i installed fresh windos xp for three times and after 15 minutes working it starts restarting again. safe mode doesnt work too. could it be some of my components not working?
could anyone help me.

thx guys
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  1. Sounds to me like XP is crashing. XP will reboot instead of throwing a BSOD. If you have any time at all before it crashes, do this:

    Right click My Computer > Properties > Advanced
    Click Settings button for Startup and Recovery
    Uncheck Automatically Restart

    Then when XP crashes, you'll get the good ol' BSOD. At least then you should be able to get a vague idea of what's going on.

    If it's not Windows crashing then check for hardware problems. Since you're working off a fresh install, I'd say loose cables or overheating. Reseat all your expansion cards and reconnect all your cables. Make sure your CPU and PSU fans are working right (run the PC with the side panel off so you can see everything).
  2. i can not get into my windows at all but i hope its gonna be worthy

    thx pibcak
  3. Not at all, eh. Another way to possibly test Windows vs Hardware is to go into your CMOS Setup while you're booting up. If you can sit in CMOS setup for as long as you want without a reboot, it's probably Windows-related. If not, then you've eliminated Windows as the cause and should start looking at hardware.
  4. Open up, check everything is fine(plugged in correctly, seated in the right slots etc)..

    use the windows disk and go into the recovery console, and type "chkdsk C: /f" this will check the drive for bad sectors this could be causing your problem (if any bad sectors are found get a new drive).

    I would also check the RAM using memtest, memtest runs off a bootable disk, and checks your RAM for faults, it this finds any errors after around 2 hours running then your RAM needs to be replaced.

  5. Hi,

    right-click on My Computer, select properties.

    click on Advance tab, Startup and Recovery then uncheck Automatically Restart
    have a nice day
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