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Can someone please help me get my virtual PC setup. I have done oodles of searches on Google and in forums and I am unable to get a real concise answer as to how to get this to work. Basically here is my situation.

I have Vista Ultimate as a Host computer
I have Virtual PC 2007 running an instance of Server 2008 as the Guest Virtual Computer.

I have 1 nic card on the PC connected to a wireless adapter which connects me to the internet.

I would like to have one IP address for my Host Computer and I would like to have a different IP address for the Guest Virtual Computer so I can communicate with both through my network. I have done lots of searches for this and I have found posts indicating i need to setup a virtual switch but when I follow the path to setup the virtual switch I don't see the virtual switch option. (its currently setup on shared NAT, which from what I read, will not allow the host and guest PCs to talk to each other).

I currently can get to the internet from the virtual PC and can get to the internet from the host PC. but I cant ping either from the other and basically am missing the networking expertise to get them talking together.

Can anyone help?

P.s. Yes, same workgroup.
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    I don't use virtual PC but on VMware you set the network up in bridged mode.
  2. All right, Ill give that a try.

    The topic doesn't seem to get much traction so perhaps there is not a good answer out there. Thanks for the help.
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