Cpu-z is wrong or pc is wrong?

hi i just downloaded cpu-z as i was told this is a must have program before you start oc'ing so you know figures and values....

but cpuz says my cpu is at 2000 with 6x multiplier
this cannot be right i have a q9550 at 2.8ghz with 8.5x multiplier?

also on the gfx card it says memory size 1gb this is not right the 4870x2 is 2gb?
it shows memory of the gfx at 500mhz when this is supose to be 900mhz and it says core clock is 507mhz this is not right either?

i have always had lag and stuutering in games could this be the reason?

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  1. The CPU will drop to a 6x multiplier when it is does not need to run at full speed. This is part of intels speed step technology and perfectly normal. If you disable speed step in the bios then the speed/multiplier should then be as expected.

    As for as graphics cards go, I and no expert. But I would say that as your 4870 x2 is two 4870 on the same board, Each with it's own 1Gb of memory this would cause CPU-z to "misreport" the memory size. As for the GPU speed, again this can be attribited to the ATI power saving features.
  2. ok and on the gpu it is saying it is a 55nm but i am sure it is lower?
  3. No, 55nm is right. afaik the only 4xxx GPU that was 40nm was 4770. The rest were built using the 55nm process.
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