I want to leave home, not the internet

I'm moving out from home to student accomodation on Monday, my main PC is already up there so I'm stuck with a fairly old laptop (Dell Inspiron 7000) at home. That's fine, I can live with it... but here's the killer...

The place I'm staying blocks pretty much everything that isn't a web browser. And this isn't an exageration... not even MSN works.

I know there have been other threads like this but none of them have really offered answers that I'm happy with, such as using tunnelling from there to my laptop. That would work for web browsing except for a couple of small problems... My laptop is ancient, and noisy (for a laptop). I can't imagine my parents would turn a blind eye to it being on all day every day when I'm not home. Also, I can't say that my upload speed is all that great from here, running a 2048/256 connection with a 20gb monthly download limit.

Also, I'm a gaming addict, my PC was built solely for the purpose of gaming (many thanks to everyone on this forum who helped me out btw, it's running like a dream), and behind such a restrictive firewall it can't spread it's wings. Basically what I want/need to get running are: Online games like WoW, my Xbox 360 on Live, and Torrents (I use uTorrent). I'd really appreciate any help/suggestions that anyone can give :)

Also... I'm thinking of getting a wifi-enabled router for the apartment I'm in, my flatmate is getting a Mac with wifi, and we all have Nintendo DS's so we'd like to be able to get those running too. Not as big a need but if anyone knows a good solution that supports both his Mac and my WinXP pc, I'd be happy to hear them :)

Thanks in advance
- Kraynor
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  1. student accomodation, ouch network admins at student accomondation guard their bandwidth like cerberus guarded the gate of hell. even if you could tunnel your connection it would be pretty slow. sorry that i may be depening your ideas but its true torrenting is also a very big no no. the way it usually works your connection > proxy to block out ports and stuff > there connection hardware firewalls web filter and web cache, means that half the time your not actually on the web just viewing the cache and means that they save bandwidth. may helf if you tell us where you are going then may have a better idea of how to help
  2. Thanks for the reply, I'm in the place at the moment and I've had no luck whatsoever with various options that didnt require me to leave on my laptop at home. I ran a quick online-based port scanner but something must have gone awry because not even the standard HTTP ports were open. I know for a fact that FTP doesn't work either.

    And you'll have to forgive me for not revealing where I'm staying - you know, just in case one of the network admins of this place likes this site too ;)
  3. lol yea.... your only choice may be to purchase internet access from a company NTL used to do it but now they are virgin not sure.
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