Will a Geforce 310M be sufficient for Cad?

I'm trying to look for a laptop for college. But I want a Laptop that can run CAD. So far a lot of the models I have looked at have this "geforce M series". Will it work? I thought I would need a dedicated graphics card but I can't quite tell from what I have read. As of right now I would assume it can't but everytime I look at the system requirements for Win-7 64 bit( I change my mind. The wording seems that the graphics dont need to be all that great but for some reason my head is stuck on the idea that I need something beefy to handle it. I've looked at all of the other requirements for Cad like ram and whatnot... I'm straight there. I just need to get this graphics card thing straight.
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    Geforce 310M GPU Engine Specs:

    Processor Cores 16
    Gigaflops 73
    Processor Clock (MHz) 1500
    Memory Specs:

    Memory Clock (MHz) Up to 800 (DDR3)
    Up to 800 (GDDR3)
    Standard Memory Config Up to 1GB
    Memory Interface Width 64-bit

    Feature Support:

    NVIDIA PureVideo® Technology PVHD
    NVIDIA CUDA™ Technology
    HybridPower™ Technology
    Microsoft DirectX 10
    Bus Support PCI-E 2.0
    Certified for Windows Vista

    Display Support:

    Maximum Digital Resolution 2560x1600
    Maximum VGA Resolution 2048x1536

    It can easily run AUTOCAD
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  3. If you are doing anything more than 2D cad an upgraded graphics card will always help.

    Be sure to check the "recommended" requirements not the "minimum" of the specific software you will be using.

    If you are doing heavy 3D or rendering a beefier card will help just as much as more ram.
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