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I have installed BT5 with Ubuntu's resp and I was playing around with capturing my network's packets. I am not happy with my Satellite C655's wifi. So I bought this,

Anyoen have any input on this wifi card? Will I need to do anything special to get it working in backtrack 5?

Also I was wondering if my laptop's wifi card could have been not working right. I can connect to the internet with the laptop over my wifi. So does this means it should have worked with capturing packets and IVS? airdump reported I was capturing thousands of packets but was only getting at most 5 IVS a minute.
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  1. The card has to be able to be put into promiscuous mode. One easy way to find a card that'll work is to look up compatible cards for Aircrack-ng. You'll find lots online, but much of it is dated.

    In short, just because your card gets you online doesn't mean it's suitable for sniffing packets.
  2. The card I bought off of Amazon is confirmed to be able to hack wifi. I hope it gets here early this week. Latest is Friday. Can't really beat 25 dollars for a wifi card that is popular with hacking.

    Off topic but I can't believe how much space is needed to produce a password list of 8 numbers and/or letters. 23Tb of space...... Luckily I am able to run the list as it is generating and discard tried passwords but jesus. 23Tb of words lol. Thank god I have an old gtx 660 so I can use cuda.
  3. That'll be slow going. Usually your requests start a timeout after a minute or two, and afterwards you'll be limited to just a few password attempts per minute. That is if you are cracking your router as I suspect.
  4. Yeah, with the help from a friend we wrote an app that'll try 2 passwords then changed mac address. We both agreed that it'd just be better to focus on wep. For whatever reason my laptop's internal wifi card will only crack my router at roughly 10-20ft and it is still a hit and miss. Any further or closer and it won't. Guess I'm waiting on my new wifi card before I continue.
  5. Reaver works very well on WPA and WPA2 with no dictionary. Always worked for me within 36 hours.
  6. reaver only works on routers with WPS
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