Windows icons on taskbar dont have correct picture

i am having an issue with my windows 7 icons not showing the proper picture on the taskbar. i recently reinstalled windows 7 ultimate. all of the programs open properly when you click them but they just do not show the proper icon. it just looks like a broken image and they are all the same. thanks for any help on how to resolve this
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  1. is this for document files or program icons? or both?
    is this only happening on the task bar and explorer is ok?

    right click on task bar and see if you have "Small icons" option checked, maybe the icons don't have the smaller version
  2. it is just for program files. it is the same with small icons and normal. it is only and issue in the taskbar. thanks again
  3. Hmm, interesting, could you take a screenshot of it?

    you can use a website like to upload the screenshot and copy the link for the forum into your post.

    also can you include the screenshot of your task bar properties window
  4. right click desktop > personalize > window color > advanced settings
    or start > type in color > change windows colors and metrics

    in the combo box select Icon, the default size for me is 32. If yours is the same, try changing it to like 30 and then back to 32.
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