E6600 2.4GHZ running at 1.6GHZ

hello :)
I have an asus P5B-Plus MB and E6600, corsair 2X512 DDR2-667, Nvidia 8800 GTS
and the Mobo program (under Vista) shows the cpu working mostly at 1.6Ghz jumping to 2.4Ghz on occasion and then back to 1.6GHZ.
the FSB shows:266 and the multiplier ratio jumps between 9 to 6
266 X 9 = 2.4Ghz
266 X 6 =1.6Ghz

Why doesn't it settle on 2.4ghz? I recently upgraded to vista but this problem was consistent on XP as well.

also my mobo temp is getting to 43C and i have been told that its high,
is this the case?

Any help would be appreciated...
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  1. That would be the EIST (Enhanced Intel Speedstep Technology) kicking in when there is no load on the CPU. It's designed to save energy. Nothing to worry about :)
  2. can i disable this energy saving program?
    i want also to OC the 6600 to 3.0GHZ
  3. Yes - in bios.

    I don't have the same motherboard, but I do have an Asus, so the bios should be similar.

    Check in the CPU configuration menu, and there should be an option to disable it there.
  4. thank you
    and tell me whats the normal tempreture for CPU and mobo?
  5. Here's a couple of links to look at to help you along:

    Core 2 Duo Temperature Guide

    Core2Duo Overclocking Guide v1.1

    They are both found in the Overclocking/CPU section.
  6. Quote:
    can i disable this energy saving program?
    i want also to OC the 6600 to 3.0GHZ

    May I ask why you want to disable it? Just curious... Thanks!
  7. Heh, if I were to make a guess, he was expecting to see the stock speed, since I suppose most people are just used to seeing their stock speed as a constant. Once they see the lower speed then expected, they prolly start to figure either they have the wrong processor, or their bios settings are messed up.

    However, when I was overclocking my dad's E4300, I thought speed step would make things unstable. So far its been good. with it enabled, bringing temps down (c0-36C, c1-38C @ 1.6 ghz idle).

    Still freaks me out to think about the adjustment it goes through (1.6ghz to 2.4 ghz), especially those on a E6600 OC to 3.2, but at idle, its 1.8 ghz. :lol: . o O (that's quite a jump)
  8. Sounds useful to me. Confusing, yeah, but I'd leave it on if that's the only problem. It probably lowers the noise too...
  9. :? . o O (lowers the noise?)

    Well, the CPU fan would contribute to noise, but that is separate from the EIST/C1E functions. So whether speed step is enable or not, the fan will run by what is set in the bios for the fans speed, or smart fan feature... I think. (never did play around with the fan stuff, usually disabled it)
  10. I had originally disabled speed step as per common overclocking wisdom.

    I can't recall the thread but I believe it was Jumping jack who was recommending to someone that it is OK to leave it on. I have since re enabled and have had no instability under both xp and vista with speedstep on. My e6600 overclocked to 3.2 drops to 2.1 and uses about 10 less watts at idle. The loss of performance is negligible-nothing as the computer steps back up.
  11. thank you
    i didnt change nothing in the bios i understand its ok to leave it like that
    and everything works great
    but i have another question i downloaded speedfan and it shoes that the AUX Temp is 121C(i guess that its pretty high)
    what AUX is? and is it need to be so hot?????

    thenx again :lol:
  12. Not exactly sure what the AUX temp is for, or if it doesn't correspond to anything. Though I guess it could be some reading off either PSU, or GPU.

    I don't even thing Speedfans website has any info on that.


    Since you said it was reading 121C, thats basically 240F... guess you wouldn't need an oven if it was reading that hot. :lol:

    So I wouldn't even worry about that reading.
  13. My E6600 is OC'd at 3GHz, but steps down to 2GHz with me using a 1:1 and a 9x multi... So at 3.2GHz you should be getting better than 2GHz I supect...
  14. Ah... I was going by memory off a different thread. I guess the stock speed (E6600) would clock down to 1.6 ghz.

    So ya, with the FSB kicked up, then Speed Step enabled it should be:

    333 x 6 = 1.998 or 2 ghz.

    Still.. quite a jump.. and still freaks me out when I think about it. :lol:
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