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I apologize for not doing a little more research, however I am at work with limited resources and other...constraints.
More and more people are wanting to connect to our intranet using a VPN from home, and an increasing number of them are, or will be, unable to do so because their home systems run 64bit Windows7 or Vista. The Cisco VPN client that we use is a 32bit-only solution, which will not work for them. Cisco may finally be coming out with another version, but throw in licensing issues and cost, and that could take months before we even get it. At least one guy in another department has done it by loading the VPN on 32bit Windows XP running in a Virtual Machine. He used something free called "VM Player" with another free app called "VM Tools." I'd like some more information on this (or similar) process so I can test and prepare something for our users.
Another guy in my group got IP shunned recently because a search took him to an "inappropriate" site. Since a search for this kind of information may lead to hacking/cracking or cyber-security related sites, I am reluctant to do so myself.
So, my question is, do any of you know of a reasonably concise guide, with links to the necessary tools (I'll d/l at home, if need be), that would allow me to set up the Cisco VPN client on a 64bit Windows 7 system? It need not be user-friendly; that will be part of my job, to translate it, edit, and add so our "ordinary" users, if interested, can make it work.
Thank you.
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    Can't you ask the dude for specifics? I think he was using this. And yes, you're right not to rely on any timely updates from Cisco. Sorry I couldn't be of much help, but I suspect you're even more knowledgeable about VPNs than I am.
  2. I will try to check that out. It will likely be a back-and-forth process between home and work. I'm not sure I'd be able to distribute anything based on this without a fee being paid, but it's certainly a start.
  3. I did talk to the guy, and that is what he is using. Apparently he will not need to pay any fee for it, even though he will continue to use it.
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