New xp install cant run any setup files

Ive just installed XP Pro and of course there are no drivers, well some. I cant get on the net because XP wont let me setup any apps. i dont have the drivers cd for this computer. where can i get drivers that i dont have to get off the net, Or i could download to one of my other computers. every place ive been, only wants to scan your computer and i got the driver dowload form dell but ofcourse i cant put that on the new install cause it wont let me run any setup files which i think is another driver needed for that. Please help
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  1. What message does XP pop-up when you try to install something? Does it say you need to be an administrator or something?
  2. I dont get a messsage its to quick. I get an hour glass for a split second and then it goes away and then nothing. I'll try to do setup in DOS and see what error i get. I am logged in as the administrator when tying to install apps.
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