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I am stuck with deciding whether to get Windows Home Server 2011 or Ubuntu for a home server I am building. I am on budget right now so the more money I can save is a plus, WHS 2011 is $50 and Ubuntu is free..however you will have to spend more time on it. I want to know if Ubuntu can do a list of things (which I will post below) that WHS is capable of doing and what programs are required (ex. I know you need Apache for Web server). (I dont want a NAS PC or whatever that is)

1. Backup itself and other computers on a network (Scheduled backup)
2. Run a Web Server/Website
3. Run an FTP Server (Compatible with FileZilla Client)
4. Run a mail server (Not really a biggy on this one but its a nice feature, for Ubuntu how would users access their email?)
5. Stream Movies/Media
6. Run Servers for Games (I know Minecraft will work but I like to host a CoD4 server and I know that wont work on ubuntu, so if I go with ubuntu I will be stuck with having to host on my main PC which defeats the purpose of getting a home server, no?)

Currently I am going with WHS but people are always saying how Ubuntu/Linux is the ideal for a server and its free, however with my experience from using it I often need to use the terminal, which I am fine but what seems to be the problem is that there aren't many proper guides as to how to set things up or when there are I often find myself encountering an error. If Ubuntu can do 1,2,3 and 4 I may just go for Ubuntu/
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  1. Since you are re-posting let me tell you what my setup is.

    I have Ubuntu Server 12.04 installed. I have 40 computers connected on the LAN. It runs an internal website, 5 actually and counting, which will become net sites as soon as we have a dedicated line. I have written programs in PHP for accounting, budgeting and payroll for enterprise where I work. The server allows some computers to connect to the internet, but not all, I select who gets the right based on their MAC address, but all can connect to the local net. It does however allow everyone to send and receive emails through the server and retrieve them at their desks, the only caveat is that it can only download POP3 accounts as Yahoo and Gmail keep changing their systems to prevent the workarounds but any POP3 account they have will work. I haven't actually setup the FTP as it isn't needed yet but should take about 2 minutes to do. I have Apache OpenMeetings installed for large video and/or text conferences using a whiteboard and file transfers. I also have Ejabberd installed which is an xmpp (jabber) protocol for IM which allows for IM, video, sound and file transfers. OpenMeetings is installed only on the server and the clients use Firefox or Chromium to connect. Any email program, windows, Linux or Mac can connect to the mail server as it uses POP3 and SMPT. For IM I use Empathy on Linux boxes and Jitsu on Windows.

    I have the server version installed, I don't even have a monitor or keyboard connected. I use WEBMIN to administer most of it remotely from another computer and an ssh client (hotssh) for the rest but you could certainly do all of this on a full Ubuntu install with desktop and run WEBMIN from there, I don't because it's more secure this way.

    As it is an office network, no, I have no games on it so I can't help you there.

    FYI, this network is setup in the middle of the DR Congo where credit cards do not exist. Everything was downloaded from the net and had no cost but I do try and give back by posting to forums.
  2. i have a home server, running ubuntu server edition. it is on my old laptop and its mounted up on my wall, closed with an ethernet cable running from it. i use ssh for allllll my needs. i also have ftp capabilities, wordpress, minecraft and hopefully soon i hope to impliment email into it. the cod server, thats something im not sure of but check http://www.freenerd.net/index.php?title=Call_of_Duty_4_Dedicated_Linux_Server
    10 seconds at most, love google! after reading through to make sure i answerd all of your needs, i use filezilla, it works great. except to upload i do "chmod 777 dirImUploadingTo" for it to work. another thing i use gnump3d http://gofedora.com/how-to-install-configure-gnump3d-streaming-audio-server/ is a guide for fedora but might work for ubuntu as well, i cant find the guide i used. i have like 12gb of music and gnump works great. it even works on my phone, with an app... it might stream movies too, havent tried yet ;-)
  3. Hall Mark said:
    I am using Windows Home Server. I am using Windows Server on cloud from Real Time Cloud Services. Mai benefit that I am getting is round the clock support service.

    Reminds me of the car shopper who left after the dealer dealer claimed to have the biggest repair garage around. "But why are you leaving?" "I'd rather buy from someone that doesn't need the biggest repair shop around."
  4. That sounds like going to a back-street surgeon for an operation rather than the shiny new hospital. After all, the hospital probably has more operating theatres than the back-street operator.
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