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I'm into gaming, but Windows 7 is still very expensive in terms of still being outdated. I want to drop by Linux, and the Zorin OS interests me greatly. Overall, how much worse are games on Linux than Windows? (Using Steam)

Of course, there's CSS and other great Linux games, but I'm talking about Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, and Chivalry.
Will gaming in a Linux ever become as great as Windows? I was told it'd take about 2-4years.
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  1. I wouldn't take whoever told you 2-4 years too seriously. Nobody can see the future, but a lot of people like to pick an arbitrary number of years it will take for something to happen, knowing that in 4 years (or whenever) nobody is gonna come back and tell them they're wrong :-) Really nobody can say for sure, but we've seen big developers support Linux in the past (like id software) and after a few years of supporting it (and no other developers following their lead), they lost interest and went back to Windows (and consoles too now).

    Additionally, Linux needs better support from hardware companies too. nVidia's Linux drivers perform really well (comparable to Windows performance) but AMD's Catalyst for Linux is still miles behind their Windows performance. That said, much of the stuff getting ported on Steam isn't too demanding anyway. But still, a lot of your performance is going to waste on Linux if you using a Radeon.

    So I'd say Linux is currently still a poor platform for gaming (Mac OS X has had a small handful of big titles on it for years but you'd hardly consider that a gaming platform) but there's still no reason not to try Linux anyway. I personally wouldn't bother with Zorin though. I tried it recently and it's a glitchy mess. The attempt at a start menu is totally broken (try using the type-to-search like in Windows 7 and the main section of start menu rolls up out the top of the start menu as you type). A lot of aspects of the interface are lacking polish and look cheap. For me, the most interesting thing about Zorin is it was developed by a 16-year-old (13/14 when he started it). As a piece of software though, it's simply Ubuntu in its GNOME fallback mode with some glitchy extras tacked on.

    I'd stick with Kubuntu personally - the sleekest, most polished, professional, and least glitchy Linux distribution I've tried by miles (and I've tried quite a few). If you want something more lightweight (cuts down on eye candy / special effects for generally faster performance) then grab Xubuntu. Either way, you'll be experiencing some of the best quality Linux you can get your hands on.

    EDIT: Also, Windows 7 is not at all outdated. I honestly can't think of a single way it's outdated. And as for support, Microsoft know people aren't embracing Windows 8 and will continue to support 7 for years and years, like they did with XP.
  2. Sam summed it up nicely. Currently not a good gaming platform and quite possibly never will be on par with Windows. Even if all the Valve titles are ported (which I'm sure they will be), there are still plenty of major games that would have to be ported to make much of a difference.

    However for me it's almost the perfect gaming system right now. I pretty much just play CS:S and CS:GO. As soon as GO is released, I'm a happy camper (< see what I did there?). Graphics with CS:S is fine for me. Whether or not it's on par with Windows isn't a big deal because it performs above the necessary frame rate (~150). Drivers may show their weakness when GO is released though, we'll see.
  3. Ubuntu is too unique for me. I'll take Zorin and install a Windows XP theme. I decided I'll dual boot Windows 7 and Zorin when I get the build. Thanks for the answers, guys.
  4. Pleasure :-) Just curious - what do you mean by 'too unique'? Only plain / original Ubuntu is unique - the other Ubuntu variants use widely-used interfaces. KDE / Kubuntu especially is very Windows-like in its operation.
  5. Unique by a layout I really haven't seen until now. I've been using Windows XP for ten years, and I rarely even used Windows 7.
  6. Kubuntu doesn't look like Ubuntu. Kubuntu uses KDE desktop environment and looks closer to Windows than Ubuntu's environment. Same goes for Xubuntu. I've become a huge fan of KDE.
  7. KDE feels too much like a mac for me to appreciate. I love cinnamon, its made a lot of progress!

  8. I used cinnamon for a bit and liked it. I've never really used a mac, but now I'm a little bummed that I'm into the mac-like environment!

    I made a utility work using VB.NET about a year ago and found an icon on the web for it. I now realize that it is the settings icon for Cinnamon!
  9. Haha don't worry - a Mac's panel is at the top by default, unlike KDE. And window controls are top left, unlike KDE. KDE is also lacking any kind of a dock by default... so it's not that OSX-like. GNOME has always seemed more OSX-ish to me, and especially Unity (global menu bar along top, the dock, top left window controls etc).
  10. lol and as we all speak the Steam Linux sale just ended :D
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