Help Me get rid of Vista! PLz

well everyone know vista sucks including me. i burned DBAN iso file to a NEW writeable disc but it wont get me into the DBAN menu. The system just ignores that the disc is even there...i am 100% the boot order is correct i checked it many times...if any one can help i will be so happy.
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  1. How did you burn the disk? Did you just copy the file to it (won't work) or did you use proper image burning software (e.g. ImgBurn)?
  2. From the dban when i click to download i just select the disc but on the disc its a winrar that i say this i guess this is my problem. how can i fix it?
  3. you did not burn the disc correctly, the analog of what you did is putting a file on a flash drive and expecting it to boot.

    You need to 'burn' the image to a dvd.
    use imgburn:
  4. ill try it now thnx
  5. I dont see an english ver?
  6. All of the english ones are at the top of the page:
    download link
  7. nvm i got ill tell you if Dban works :)
  8. i need more help, like on how to use it
  9. it wont let me burn it, it say "device not ready (medium not present)" plz help im getting very frustrated.
  10. When you download dban, it should be an ISO file, not a RAR. If you have WinRAR installed, it probably changed it's file association to a RAR, but it is still an ISO. Don't use WinRar to extract it.

    In ImgBurn, you select the first option "Write image file to disc". At the top of the window you must browse to the .ISO.

    If it is not allowing you to start the burn process because of "Device Not Ready" you either don't have a new blank disc inserted, something else is trying to use the disc (windows is wanting to burn something to it) or you have a problem with your drive.
  11. its still a iso file and i tryed what u said but it says the same thing i know its not the disc cause i just recieved it from newegg today
  12. i tryed another iso file but its says the same thing, its the disc but what could be wrong with it.
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    Presumably you're not trying to reuse the disk that you've already burned? Anyway, why waste a Blu-Ray disk on this; use a cheap recordable CD or DVD.
  14. i dont have one
  15. Yeah its my dvd i tryed powerISO and didnt work ill get a cheap cd-r...thnk for the help
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