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I need to purchase a relatively high wattage redundant server power supply and don't even know where to begin... where to buy one, what brand, etc. I'll be putting together a new server and this is one component that I need that I know almost nothing about. It'll be a tower type server as opposed to a rackmount. Not sure of the specifics, but to give you an idea of what I'd need, it'll probably be a dual socket dual core, 4GB ram, a RAID card, and 4x 15k SAS or UltraSCSI320 drives.

Edit: I could also probably use a couple of suggestions for suitable cases for a system with a redundant power supply.

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  1. Ok so I've done some searching and I'm a LOT less confused. I found this Silverstone redundant PSU, but its only a 460W and I'm thinking that I'd like a bit more breathing room. I also see that this looks like it'll fit in the same formfactor as a standard ATX PSU. Any suggestions for a double stacked one? I guess I could also go for a 3U or a 4U enclosure.

  2. Try Athena power supplies, I know they make some pretty decent server PSUs.
  3. Try looking at Supermicro or Tyan, they are mobo manufacturers primarily for servers - they carry very complete lines of chassis with dual and probably even triple supplies. Tyan makes good products but their support is kind of crap... they have good people but their support hours are stupid and I have had some PM's not get back in a timely manner. Supermicro has 24 X 7 support for their Superserver models. Both are top quality board makers but I do not typically find that the chassis quality is as good as that of IBM, HP or even Dell.
  4. They might be hard to find in the US, but Zippy and Etasis are the kings of server power supplies.
  5. Thank you ALL! I can now make an educated decision.

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