Did I load Vista correctly?

I fired up my i7 system an hour ago and it post with no problems. I heard the lovely sound of one beep :)

This is my first time with Vista and I was wondering if I did it correctly. This was a clean install. Empty hard drives. When I got to Where do you want to install Windows? Was this were I do the partition? If I clicked on the hard drive that I wanted it to be installed, I got an error message. When I clicked on what looks like a "sun" and had the whole hard drive space, I clicked, new and then it installed. In other words, where was I suppose to do partition? Or did I do it correctly?
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  1. For the average user, let vista partition for you. If you click Advanced, you can screw up the partition(s) unless you know what you're doing. The user isn't supposed to manually parition a harddisk. Windows of all versions will do it auto if you choose to.

    In this step, select a new drive & click next.

  2. I saw that screen you provided and I clicked Advanced. If I didnt click on Advanced it would say error and wouldn't let me go further. I clicked on Advanced, and it gave me a number (the full number of the space on the selected hard drive. I can lower it or put it at max). For example, my 1TB HDD was 973GB of free space, I clicked advanced and it showed me 973 and clicked ok, it showed 2 HDD"s at 973GB of free space. My Raptor which has 300GB of space, shows 273GB of free space, and I clicked advanced and it showed 2 me two hard drives with 273GB of free space. I put windows on my Raptor. Was the advanced setting, where windows partitions? In XP I remember right clicking on the HDD and it took 2 hours to format and partition. Was this the correct way or did I screw it up?
  3. As long as your Vista boots up and your harddisks show about the same sizes as what you described, it is ok.
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