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Hey dear community!
I have a crazy problem with my Vista Buisness + Office 2007.

After a fresh install, all my Microsoft writing programs go wild. both Office, and for instance Wordpad.

The Font flashes, the mousepointer flashes (on and off with the green-blue hour circle)

I have googled and cannot find a solution, after a uninstall, wordpad works normally again. I have tried a repair aswell, no change.
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  1. Does it happen in other programs as well? It may be a gfx card issue.

    Best take a few screenshots or a video & post here.
  2. Yo.

    No it doesnt happen in Outook / Excel

    I have a HP Elitebook 8530p

    It seems its only in Word and Wordpad :O
  3. Make sure you have all updates installed for both Windows and Office 2007. I believe Office is up to SP3 now, if I'm not mistaken. Office can be updated using MS Update (you have to click on the "Get updates for more products" link near the bottom of the Windows Update window).
  4. Officially, Office is SP2, XP is SP3 & Vista is SP1.
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