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Vista memory

I have 32 bit Vista Business on a Dell Optiplex gx280 and I installed 4gb of ram and Vista recognizes it all. Why on my machine and not other people in these posts? I was expecting it to only recognize 3.5gb but in the system Control Panel is states 4gb. I'm confused!
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  1. Since SP 1 Vista 32 will REPORT that you have 4 gig installed but it is NOT using all 4 gig, the same limits apply - I guess MS and the PC makers were tired of all the questions and complaints . . . the only way to use all 4 gig on Vista is to get 64 bit.
  2. Thanks for the clarification. My vista Business is OEM so even though I have a 64bit proc. it would be best for me to wait for Windows 7 to upgrade to 64 bit since there is alot of positive feedback on 7. Do you agree?
  3. if you can get a copy of vista business 64bit, you should be able to install it with your product key, even though it's OEM. You might have to call in to reactivate your copy of vista64 when it's installed though, but that's easy enough.

    but since you're using Vista Business, i'm assuming this computer is for work or professional use, just make sure all your applications will run in vista 64 before you install.
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    +1 @ notherdude

    It's far to early to think about jumping on Vista7 - I mean Windows7 at this time just to gain .5GB of usable RAM.

    What kinds of programs you do use? What percentage of time do you each of the top 5 programs?
  5. I really don't use anything special Office 2007 alot, Nero 9 ultimate, Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro alot, heavy Email in Outlook and Firefox for 97% Internet. Acronis TI2009 for daily images, as this is a work from home business computer. Most of my work is in Acrobat, Email and Word, between those 3 its about 85% of my work, the rest is burning and acrhiving CD's and DVD's (I'm on my 3rd burner as I burn numerous times daily)
    I really am fine where I am since Vista SP1, When it came out I did a complete clean reinstall and the computer worked so much better than it did when I first got it and still is working really well. I just hear about alot of people going '64' I thought I would look into it since I had the ability to do so.
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