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Here's the deal. I have a folder that has dozens and dozens of sub folders inside of it. Inside each folder is a between 15 to 20 files that need to be unzipped. The folder tree is pretty huge. I'm talking close to 30 gigs of zipped files.

Does anyone know a way that I can unzip every single file in every folder all at once? I can go into every folder and unzip all files in a folder individually, but then I have to go through every single folder manually. It will take me a few hours to do it like this.

I want something that will just unzip everything right where it is and drop all the files right where they were unzipped from. It would be cool if it could delete the zipped packages too, but that might be asking too much.

Anyone know of a program that can do this for me?
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  1. Hi seefizzle,

    Assume that we execute the batch file
    in the folder where u have all the zip files

    @echo off
    @echo Extracting the file..
    "C:\Program Files\WinZip\winzip32.exe" -e *.zip
    @echo all files extracted

    This should work, The path where the winzip32.exe file exists may vary based on ur installation path for winzip. I used the default path.

    If u face any issues with this code..
    if suppose f:\folder is the folder which contains the zip files

    @echo off
    @echo Extracting the file..
    cd C:\Program Files\WinZip\
    winzip32.exe -e f:\folder\*.zip
    @echo all files extracted
    Hope this helped !
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