7600gs agp freezing problems

I just bought a new power supply and video card for my friends so he could injoy cod2 at a deceint framerate. The power supply is a coolmaster 500w and the video card is an asus 7600gs agp. About 3-5 mins into a game of call of duty 2 the game will just freeze and you have to hard restart the computer. It never did this with his old video card. His temps at load are in the mid fifties and his old video card would never do this. His motherboard is an old msi and he has a 1.4ghz amd cpu and 512mb of ram.

Everyone's help is appreciated!
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  1. Yes and yes. I also used a driver cleaner the secound time around. After installing the lastest drivers(not the ones from the cd) the dx7 mode in cod2 works but when you go outside a building almost all the textures are missing. But when you go in dx9 mode it looks great but freezes in gameplay and sometimes even at the server select screen requiring a hard restart.
    Please help me!
  2. I also have a problem with my Asus agp 7600gs, you should install driver 94.24 i think it'll make your vga better.
  3. I'll try installing the beta drivers tonight but in the meanwhile does anyone else have any other suggestions?
  4. Test the memory with memtest86+.
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