Upgrade from 2gb to 4gb. Only showing 3gb?

I have a c2d 6800 with P5W DH Deluxe, with 2gb of ddr2. So I figured, lets upgrade to 4gb. Figured should be simple plug and play. Comp starts, bios screen shows 4096mb. Figured thats a good sign. XP loads, head into system menu and only shows 3gb. So, I pulled the mem, made sure each slot works, with 3gb in, all the slots seemed ok. Added the last 1gb and comp loads, shows the 4096, but still 3gb in the system menu. Any ideas?
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  1. This is normal and reflects the limit of 4GB of memory addresses available when using 32-bit Windows (some of the addresses are used up by hardware components, so the RAM is assigned to whatever is left over). You'll have to switch to 64-bit Windows to be able to use the full 4GB.

    Very technical details can be found here: http://www.polywell.com/us/support/faq/4GB_Rev1.pdf
  2. AHHHH!!! Thank you very much. Exactly what I wanted to see :D
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