FPS drop in multiple games with X1900GT!

So I just built a new computer and here are specs..
E4300, MSI P6N (Nvidia), ATI X1900GT, and 450 FSP PSU.

The problem has happened in Oblivion, Call Of Duty 2, and Star Wars Battlefront 2. The frame rates are all high then all of a sudden they just drop to around 1 and it's unplayable for 1-5 seconds, it's REALLY annoying. I updated my motherboard drivers and the ATI catalyst drivers too, what else can be wrong??
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  1. I have 2GB's of DDR2 6400 ram (G-Skill) and here's my PSU..
    And HD..

    I just found some drivers on my motherboard's site..
    When I tried to install it, I got this message...

    The software you are installing for this hardware:
    X1900 Series
    has not passed windows logo testing to verify its compability with windows.

    Then it gives me two options: Continue Anyways or STOP Installation, and it also gives me a big disclaimer scary thing about how continuing can kill my computer. Should I just continue anyways?
  2. All my ATi drivers have always come up with that message, so I'd say just continue.

    I guess ATi release drivers that frequently and patch that many things that the drivers are obsolete before they get a chance to get them Windows Logo verified.
  3. Those are old drivers, get the newest ones here (pick your version of vista):

    32-bit Vista
    64-bit Vista
  4. did u overclock that e4300? runnin it @ 1.8 could bottleneck dont u ppl think?
  5. Quote:
    did u overclock that e4300? runnin it @ 1.8 could bottleneck dont u ppl think?

    naaah, the E4300 is a good pcu and will run the 1900GT just fine.
  6. well i only said it, cos i have a e4300 and sumtimes @ 1.8 it would bottleneck runnin latest games... ;o
  7. ive had a simular problem 2 this, they way to solve it is to lower your graphics in the ati control panel! COD2 has lots of fog which is a FPS killa tbh imo!
  8. With the new drivers, here is what I've noticed.. Oblivion doesn't slow down as often, but when it does, its longer. In COD2, it stutters more frequently, but only for 1-2 seconds. No difference in SWBF2.

    I think I should just reinstall all my ATI drivers. Where are the detfinite places I can get the newest Graphics drivers and ATI Catalst drivers. (They are two seperate drivers right?)

    @Randomizer I do not have Vista, I'm running Windows XP PRO
    @Rizzywho I really don't think that's the problem, I'm running at 1024 on Oblivion with all on high, AA2x and no bloom or HD and I'm getting great frame rates. Everything on max on COD2 gives me 60~ frame rates.
  9. Sorry I will link the xp ones then. 32 bit right? Or are you using 64 bit?

    EDIT: Here, bookmark this page for later use. Pick your own version of windows:

  10. I found my graphics card on there and installed the catalyst drivers here..

    What else am I missing?
  11. Do you have access to another PSU, just to try at this stage? Yours should be OK, but if you have one thats not so stable as it should be under load, then that will cause problems. Personally I would go for something with a little more than what yours has.

    Also if you're not playing online, just try disabling your AV and firewall. You shouldn't need to with a system of those specs, but if it makes a difference, then try reinstalling them.
  12. No, I do not have another PSU to try on. I disconnected my cd drive and it's still doing this so maybe its not the power? Tried disabling AV and firewall too (I use AVG and Sygate), still doesn't solve anything.
  13. Can heat be the problem here? I touched my video card after a two hour session of trying to play and going online and it was really hot. What do you guys use to monitor your heat in your CPU and stuff? I Dled a program called Everest but it cannot detect any sensors.
  14. Yeah it's not there, the only temperature reading I see is Computer -> Sensor
    It has something with right now, 34C, I think that might be the system environment temp.
  15. What brand is your video card? Some manufacturers do not include thermal monitoring capabilities (like mine).
  16. by any chance you have an an audigy or FX sound card by creative labs?
  17. The brand is Sapphire, it had the most reviews and so I guess it was popular so I chose it. No I do not have a sound card by them, I guess I'm using whatever is on the motherboard, I have Realtek drivers installed right now.

    As of now, I have two choices that I can see.
    1. Return this card and get a 7600GT and hope that the 1900GT was at fault.
    2. Get a new PSU and return this FSP one, this antec 500W one looks nice...

    But the thing is, I don't know how I'll diagnose what the problem is. I was going to put this card in my neighbor's computer, but his PSU is a 350W one. His handles a 6800 and two HDs, so I don't see how mine can be at a loss for power.
  18. I'm leaning towards it being AV or some other software. Minimize all tray icons to just what you need, otherwise, they are memory hogs.

    And lower your resolution. Is it maxed out? What are your AA settings on? You may want to lower those a step too. Lower the resolution a little bit to the next lower setting, like from 1600x1200 to 1024x1280 and see if that reduces the lag.

    Are you sure your memory is installed well and is showing full amount in Windows? Sometimes memory gets loose or accidently gets loose when you mess around inside of the case. Are the power connectors to the video card connected? Check those things.
  19. Monitoring programs are designed for specific sensors. If your sensor isn't supported by the program, it won't show anything. So make sure you get a monitoring program specifically for your hardware.
  20. Yeah I check all that, it's reading 2 gigs of ram and the connections are all fine. I tried oblivion on 800X600 with everything off, my frame rates shot up to like 100+ and it still has that slowdown. COD2 had like 150+ frame rates on everything down, and also has the slow down.

    I also tried playing without AV and firewall, ended all my processes except the crucial ones. It still did it. Would you guys like a fraps video of it happening? Maybe that will help?
  21. Also, what kind of cooling do you have in the case. If you have a place for fans, especially at the back of the case, get one. Because those large cards, like the X1900XT run hot and need plenty of air flow inside the case. And Nvidia chipsets run pretty warm. If it is a P6N Platinum, the heat pipe system on the chipset of that baby gets really, REALLY warm, let's just say HOT! You need ALOT of ventilation for that. I bet the less than platinum chipsets get plenty warm too. So get plenty of ventilation on your case.

    Personally, I would not have gotten an ATI card for an Nvidia chipset, especially an Nvidia SLI chipset, the 650i, like your's has. You have no SLI upgrade path. You can't do Crossfire on an Nvidia chipset just like you can't do SLI on a Crossfire chipset.

    here is a picture of what he has:

  22. Hmm, when some other people were helping me pick out parts, they said my case has good ventilation.. Here it is..
    It has two 120mm fans.

    Maybe I should just opt for a 7600GT?
  23. Oh and a 7600GT would have much less heat output right? And demand less power as well?
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