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Zaurus SL-C860 kismet, vnc, x-compiler tools queries

Last response: in Cell Phones & Smartphones
April 25, 2004 6:52:08 AM

Archived from groups: comp.sys.handhelds (More info?)

After a few weeks, my sl-c860 arrived, and the job of making it useful
has begun. I installed ssh, smbmount, have WiFi going well, but hit a
block with kismet, vnc and finding a cross compiler.

The kismet download most sites push requires libpcap 0.7.0 as a .so,
and I can't find that anywhere. The oldest was 0.7.2, but ipkg fails
on all copies of that I could find. libpcap 0.8, which might at a
pinch have worked, doesn't come as a shared library, and the latest
statically linked arm version of kismet bus errored. Can anyone
provide pointers to a working combination, or email a working .so

VNC allegedly can work with the C series, but trying builds for 5500
and 5600 don't work correctly, and with the biggest problem being the
touch screen ceasing to accept input after a reboot. After
deinstalling and rebooting the Z was working again, but I'm back to
square one. There was scant info on the VNC forums - has anyone had
any luck?

I also searched for cross compilers, but relevant links into the sharp
developer zone fail, and I didn't reach any conclusions from searching
elsewhere atm. Can anyone recommend a cross compiler, either just C,
but preferably c++, running on Linux? Running gcc from a CF or SD card
(so I can have sources mounted) could work too, but vnc working would
be pretty helpful in that case.

All/any hints welcome from anyone who's gone around the loop already!