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Ok here I am again, with more of the unusual problems of computer weirdness, when fast switching users is there a way to make sure the NUM LOCK key stays on, and why do some programs write themselves onto the desktop of all users and not others, and why if you delete a desktop icon in one user does it disappear on all the users ,or some of the users, I know how to add a program to all users folder so that it is all the desktops, I know this sounds strange but I have a computer that has 17 user, mostly for different apps and things, and it helps not to clutter up my desktop with 70 or 80 icons, I used to use Sphere but the number of icons was getting out of hand

And while I am at it, when I open some web pages the curser disappears from the sign in box right in the middle of signing in, and with passwords it’s especially aggravating
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  1. Numlock problem - check these out -

    Most programs will automatically put the icon out for all users. Some programs give you a choice to do just one user or all. If you delete an icon that is in the All User/Desktop directory it deletes it for all of them likewise if you put one in that folder it will show up for all. Now if someone creates a shortcut of the program and puts it on their desktop it will only be on their desktop and not all users. Likewise if they delete that shortcut they made it will only be deleted from their desktop.
  2. cool made the vbs script and it works great
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