Network is set up, but cant go online! Help!

Hey guys, I just set up a network with my Linksys BEFW11S4 v.4 and I have my desktop wired to it, and another computer trying to connect wirelessly. I have the usual problem of a network being set up, the computer sees the connection and shows packets being sent back and forth, but my browsers still cant go online and other programs just dont see a connection. How do I fix this?
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  1. Try disabling you security including firewall to start, often times it's the firewall settings
  2. uh, you did set up the router rite? I mean go to or whatever the router address is and set up the router to modem connection rite? incase your router connection isnt DHCP but is manual or PPoe
  3. Are your computers using DHCP or static IP?
    What is the IP of the router?
    What is the result of "Ipconfig" on a command prompt of your PC?
    (What is the gateway address being displayed?)

    Does the router have DHCP enabled?
    Does the router have MAC Address filtering enabled?
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