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[Solved] How do you move data from old PC to new PC? Help!

I need to transfer pics, favorites, etc. from Windows XP to Windows7 computer. I have heard of using a cable and installing the old hd into the new computer....I am computer illerate! :??: ... pls tell me what I should do.
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    I think the simplest solution for you would be to get an external HDD that you can connect to your old computer with USB cable, copy all the files you need to transfer onto the external HDD. Then connect the external HDD to your new computer and copy all the files to your new computer from the external HDD. This way you can also keep the external HDD for backup, since you will already have all the data on it.
  2. Burn your files to cd/dvd and then install them on your new computer with the cd/dvd.
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