How to identify if system is a server or workstation

how do i get a C# code to differentiate between the server and a workstation
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  1. Check the Registry Key "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\ControlProductOptions\ProductTy
    pe". For a workstation this should have the value "WinNT". For a server it will be something else (options used to be "ServerNT" and "LanmanNT", but it's possible they may be different now).
  2. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    Well, has been a long time since my last program, but lets see.

    You need a program that call the specific file that ijack says, and compared this file with a definition that you can made, for example

    ....if (a==b)
    cout<<"You have a Workstation";
    else if
    cout<<"You have a server station";

    a & b are char

    I think that is something like this, like i said, has been a long time since my last program. Review the structure and syntax and start to do the program.
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