Can not boot into safe mode

Alright so I am trying to take ownership of a folder on my old hard drive but I kept getting access denied. So I need to boot up into safe mode to access the security tab to take control of the folder this is because I have xp home. But when I try to boot into safe mode this long list comes up


There are like 30items in the list those were just a few. All of the items were located in drivers and were sys files. So does anyone know how to fix this?
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  1. that is the safemode loading up, if you wait a bit longer it should boot fine.
  2. I waited and after that I get this message

    Input Signal Out of Range
    Change Settings to 1280x1024-60Hz

    Also if it matters I use to have a integrated ati graphics card but now I have my monitor connected to the gfx called which is in the pci-e slot.
  3. sounds like its crashing and timing out.

    you could try using the windows cd to repair the windows installation and that might clear it up enough to get to your data,

    have you tried booting up with your current window installation and have the old drive running as a slave? cant say ive used home much so can you not get access to the security tab with the permissions to change them?
  4. yes i have the old drive as the slave right now I am trying to access the documents and settings/owner for the old drive but I keep getting access denied. I am using home so I have to boot in safe mode to access the security tab to give ownership to me.
  5. if you got a extenal HDD box it's a snap, but the problem is that it is booting from the wrong HDD
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