Drag-to-Disc How do you format a CD-RW

I installed the Drag-to-Disc but am having difficulty figuring out how to format a CD-RW with it. Any suggestions?
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  1. i never heard about formatting an CD-RW.. it has only option for erasing the content & all of the burning software can do that..

    for cd-rw you easily erase it from windows explorer itself, no need for third party softwares(only in Xp & higher versions)
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    Drag-to-Disc is packet writing software which makes a CD-RW act like a hard disk. And, yes, you do need to format the CD.

    OP: you should find that when you first try to add files to a blank CD with Drag-to-
    Disc it either formats the disk automatically or presents you with a format dialog.
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  4. Thanks, ijack. Great info. Works for me!!
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