Should I install Ubuntu as a second OS?

Hello! I recently got this Windows 8 laptop for my birthday from my father, anyway I was wondering if it would be safe(Not slow down the PC or present any other problems) if I installed Ubuntu as a second OS, My father says not to(Because he had hell trying to fix a computer a kid screwed up seriously with a corrupted Ubuntu file), but also he thinks stuff like Monzilla Firefox is a virus soo...Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Quote:
    fix a computer a kid screwed up seriously with a corrupted Ubuntu file...also he thinks stuff like Monzilla Firefox is a virus

    I wouldn't let him anywhere near my pc, you should take your fathers advice here as a grain of salt.

    That said, yes it is perfectly fine and safe to dual boot windows 8 and ubuntu, however be sure to turn off windows 'fast startup'. Windows 8 uses a new hybrid 'hibernate' state with its filesystem which causes problems when dual booting, even with other windows versions.

    depending on your wifi chipset, ubuntu should just work out of the box.
  2. Pops does not know what he's talking about. Yes, Ubuntu is totally safe - in fact, it is far more secure than Windows, and it is possible to have both systems alongside each other. There are many guides to doing a dual boot installation of Ubuntu alongside an existing Windows system.

    That said, make sure you have your original Windows CD or another method to reinstall Windows, and back up your data before installing. If you install Ubuntu incorrectly, it may reformat your HDD, wiping out Windows and all of your data.
  3. If you are entirely happy with installing operating systems, and partitioning and reformatting disks - and have all the necessary disks to hand to recover from a screw-up - then go ahead. But, in that case, I do rather wonder why you ask the question. In any case you should most definitely have a couple of separate copies of any data that you wish to retain. Even the cleverest of us make mistakes, and repartitioning a disk is a potentially destructive process (destructive to the data, not the disk).

    A far safer option, that ought to satisfy even staid old Pops (I talk as someone with a 33-year old son) would be to install Ubuntu in a virtual machine using VirtualBox. The performance is very nearly as good as a native install and it is a totally safe procedure. Plus, you can run Windows and Ubuntu at the same time, which can be fun.
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