Blue screen but with a twist.

PC running XP media edt. Once turned on I get
The following file is missing or corrupt
This happens even in safe mode. Then tried to do a repair with the system discs as soon a s I get to the recovery console ans type the Windows version to repair I get the dreaded blue screen with message
Stop error 0x00000043 0XC35C6000 0X00000000 0X00000000.

So I can't boot into windows nor do a repair. I@ve tested the memory and it@s fine so can anyone suggest how to get this resolved
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  1. I had the exact system error happen and the problem turned out to be system registry was hosed. I did a manual repair of the registry, instructions can be found on M$ website. The manual repair takes an hour or two to complete, lots of complicated instructions, but will get you back into windows to your files. Best thing to do is boot to the OS disk and reinstall the OS.
  2. Thanks. It's my friends computer so I waiting on him giving me the ok to reinstall the os
  3. Latest installment the PC won't let me do a reinstall as soon as I tell it to reinstall I get the blue screen with the same message
  4. Did you go in to bios and set the first boot device to CD/DVD and boot to the XP CD? It could be you have bad hardware like perhaps RAM. You can try booting with 1 DIMM in slot 1 only. Is this a prebuilt lik HP, etc.?
  5. Yes thanks I do know what I'm doing just have never come across this before.
  6. Sorry I've tested the ram it's ok BTW it's a Dell PC
  7. Yeah, I'm not familiar wuth DELL. You may have to use a Retail or OEM copy of windows XP and boot to the disk.
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