Help! Taskbar icons disapear when I restart explorer!

Yo! Hi guys, if am posting on the wrong place srry, I'm still a noob here. But to get to my point, I heard alot of problems on the interweb saying about restarting explorer.exe if taskbar icons vanish. But a big issue left me shunning to restart explorer.exe. I didn't know how it started but everything I restart windows explorer some of the icons disapeer, not all but some significant ones like Deskspace which is manageble only to right-click on the tskbar icon, and Ditto, a software that saves your Ctrl-C data for later which the pop-up selector is located on the taskbar icon, all the others are find but this all happens when I restart windows explorer. It's really annoying to log off and log back on just to config or use some of my most useful programs.
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  1. so you are saying you randomly shut explorer.exe down from task manager? what is the strong need for you to be doing so? I'm not surprised you're having errors...

    Normal operation wise, explorer.exe should only be restarted when you log on/off.
  2. restart explorer due to modification like changing the start button with a program and screenlocking my laptop, but most of all when wndows explorer crashes, It's happens from time to time but usually explorer shut down and I have to turn it on
  3. hmm ok, your work environment implies crashing explorer then...

    I mean in my usage of win7 I have yet to experience one crash of explorer process, but what I recall from winxp it was able to restart fine.

    Do this, run > services.msc

    take note of which services are running before explorer crashes and then after you restore it, check if all the services are still running. There's probably one of them that gets dumped when explorer crashes and then it doesn't get restarted automatically.

    If not we'll keep digging :)
  4. Right click on screen
    Click on properties
    Click on appearance
    Click on Advanced
    Select Icicon in Item Box
    Change size to 30
    Click OK twice
    Then follow the same steps to resize to original size maybee 32
    that should help
  5. this is win7 and there's no properties when you right click desktop
    when you right click the task bar there's no appearance buttons inside the properties dialogue box.

    It' would have been better if you actually explain what you are looking to change rather than giving click instructions

    I think I've found what he was referring to, it's the Window Color and Appearance Dialogue box (right click > personalize > window color > advanced settings
    or start > type in color > change windows colors and metrics

    the default size for me is 32
  6. yo guys! srry i forgot to say that the programs still work fine when i restart. and more on why ask is the, program opentic screenlock, my screenlocking software works by disabling task manager and closing explorer and starting it back up again when unlocked, a use this alot because putting a windows password the sharing options that I use to snyc with my desktop computer gets messed up so i see this software as a quicker solution
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