well tomorow is the big day!!

My case arrived this morning, so that means based on fed x tracking that my 8800gtx will arrive tomorow at some point and then we can throw this puppy together.

I ordered the following parts fo rmy new rig.

asus p5k- p35 chipset
intel core 2 extreme x6800
evga 8800gtx superclocked to 621/2000
4 x 1 gig crucial ballistix pc8500 1066*
antec trio 650 watt psu
x_fi extreme gamers card
creative inspire 7.1 speaker system
plextar 16x dual layer dvd/rw
seagate 400 gig sata 7200.10 3.0 gbs
thermaltake armor VA8000bws case
zalman 9700
dual boot win xp pro/win vista 64 bit ultimate
I think the last thing i will get is the h-03 gfx cooler, ran out of money this week, lol.

I am about to mount a few things in the new case, and then put it all away til my card comes tomorow and I can bench test it first, then I will spend tomorow afternoon putting it together, tomorow night loading and setting up both os's and thursday a litte tweaking, so friday I can go all out and overclock, test, and run my games to see what I just bought.

Woot, stoked, been a long time coming, 3 years since my last build.

Anyway I will get new batteries for my dig cam and take some pics before and during the setup.
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  1. Have fun and post your pics when your done :)
  2. Definitely man, sounds like a killer setup. What case did you order by the way? Post Pics!
  3. same for me here. i gots a couple days till all of my parts come in.

    i have basically the same setup

    foxconn 680i
    intel core 2 duo e6600
    pny 8800gtx OC to 621/2000
    2 x 1 gig OCZ platinum rev2 800 Mhz
    OCZ 700w
    WD 400 gig sata 7200.10 3.0 gbs
    WD 250GB sata
    thermaltake kandalf 9000bws case
    vista home premium

    AHH cant wait!!
  4. well got her all together minus the gtx card set to arrive tomorow.
    I bought the thermaltake armor 8000bws.
    Its a pretty nice case.
    well vented and thought out.
    I started to take a few pics and the batteries went dead, I got busy and forgot and its all together, I will take some more tomorow though when the card comes and I add the finishing touches.
    I want to add two more case fans in the front, and tyhe ho3 cooler for the gtx when it comes and I think thats it.

    Now my greatest weakness, wiring, I am terrible at wiring, I mean i got it all wired up no problem, but it looks like a$$

    I couldnt find any of my tie wraps anywhere so I will do that tomorow too.

    Any good diagrams or pics of "neat" wiring jobs in full towers?
    I would like to at least try and make it look a little neater than my normal set up which is just out of control.
    Nice thing abotu doing a ground up platform change is I dont have to kill my current pc to build, I am not used to that, its been a long time.

    the build itself so far, assembly anyway was quick and easy only 2 drives and the board, one pci card, chip and memory, nothing to fancy.

    I do need a pig tail or adapter though for my case side door fan, it is a female end and the psu doesnt have one.

    other than that I am just waiting now, I have rehearsal in a few minutes so I cant do any more tonight but after work tomorow I should be able to add the card, test it, and then start loading, ill make it a long night and then finish it thursday night late after practice which means an early day friday at work so I can complete any loading between the two os's and then saturday morning and afternoon I can spend a little time with it, then we have a show sat night, so looks like sunday will be my first "as long as I want" sit at the new pc day and see what I have gotten into.

    dumples5: nice setup, yeah I know that feeling, lol then it comes all at once and you try to find time.

  5. i'm glad i don't have anything to do until school starts. I gotta replay all ma games now that i can play them at a good enough fps. i've been stuck with 20-30 fps in counter strike source. i dont know anyone else that plays the game at that low of fps as regularly as i do.
  6. the machine I am retiring was the one I built for vietcong, and then upgraded the graphis card for source and hl2, still plays them great too, but I to want to go back and crank it all up and hit a higher resolution and mess with the wide screen and stuff just to see how fluent the game runs now.
    I had stopped gaming pretty much though when things got back to 30 to 50 fps, I just lost interest, so I think this new rig will help me motivate to check out some older games I wasnt able to run well and then all the new ones.
    I ordered fear when I built this, it is hear just waiting, I wanted to get stalker to just to see how it would run, but I have to wait on that now.

    I went to my basement to find a pigtail for the case side fan and I found my old setups I forgot were in storage.

    shuttle board with an 1800+ on it, abit kt7a with a tbird 1200 on it, and an old p2, a 300 I think, plus I found my old 2.6 p4 800 fsb chip, it has two bent pins on it, I am going to look them up and see if I can remove them and add new ones, or remove them and run it anyway, would make a nice little internet station cpu.

    I took a pig tail off the p2 hs, since I cant imagine firing that up again.

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