Cleaning up Vista (what can I delete)

I'm doing my routine maintenance and I was looking through C:\Windows. I know that is where much of the coding is for the OS is so I'm being very careful. I came across a folder called winsxs that was 13.6 GB and also SoftwareDistribution that is 3.8 GB. When I first installed vista 64 bit the size wasn't even remotely that big. Is it safe to delete these files? Also what are some other temporary files that hog up space that I can delete?

Thanks for the help in advance.
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  1. I would not delete the folders mentioned. Next post will be asking why your system is hosed and won't boot and if the registry is hosed. :ouch: Perhaps try a trial or free download of PC mechanic or Iobit Windows Care. Those programs have an advanced disk cleanup utilities.
  2. you can delete software distribution if you finish to install the updates, there are the files downloaded for updates, about Winsxs, this is a store for multiple copies of dll, compatibility dll's for your applications , if you delete this you will face issues with your applications.
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