How to create startup message when logging onto desktop?

Do you know those messages that appear for a few seconds when you logon, usually displaying anti-virus program logo?
How can create something like that? I just need the program to display an image from hard disk for a few seconds then close itself, without that "windows frame". Is it possible to do this with Notepad++?
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  1. Windows? I would imagine you could just use a simple batch script that runs on startup to do this. I don't have access to a windows machine until tomorrow, but if you haven't found a specific answer to this by then i would happily right it up for you. :)
  2. I think what you are referring to are "splash screens". They are not actually launched when Windows start, but when an application is started; the reason you see your antivirus splash screen at startup is only because your antivirus is launched at startup.

    You could probably create an application that is just a splash screen and launch it when windows start, but in the end you still need to build an application for it.
  3. You can replace, or customize the windows splash / boot screen. On some PC models it is also possible to change the manufacturers splash screen to suit your style.

    I was going to dabble with changing my Windows Xp boot screen a while back and have linked the tutorial below. If you are using a different operating system such as Vista or 7 there are probably tutorials on those also if you search the web.

    The method linked below requires modifying system files and can damage your operating system if done incorrectly.

    If you have a back-up utility, create a back-up if you decide you would like to try modifying the boot screen.
  4. Thanks for all the replies!

    I was reinstalling OS on my sister's laptop and wanted to surprise her with a nice custom logo at startup.
    I later found out this is called "splash screen" myself, but I didn't find anything about just a splash screen without opening a program afterwards, but I think one of the popular ways to do it is to use java. Everything was too advanced for me to modify it for my needs.

    If someone is reading this because he/she wants to change the logon/ctrl-alt-del screen on Windows 7, here is a nice tutorial that I used some time ago:
    (you don't have to add anything to the registry or create new folders if you have one of the latest releases)
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