SW-10, Quadro FX 1800 vs 580

Hello, im building a system for solidworks, here is the config:

Core i7 920 D0 2.66ghz @ ~3Ghz
Asus Maximus II Gene
OCZ Gold 3x2GB DDR3 1600 1.65v cas 9
Corsair VX/HX 600 or 650watts
2x Seagate 7200.12 500GB OR Samsung Spinpoint f3 500gb (HD501HJ) @ RAID1
Windows 7 Ultimate X64

but, i don't know which card to choose, FX1800 or Fx580?

i use solidworks to draw Chairs and tables (wood), small and simple things, but, the drawings have everything (including: holes, screws...) and sometimes i make sets, like, six chairs and a table etc...
I only design to have technical drawings, to send to production...

then, which fits best? FX 1800 or FX 580?
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  1. If you are going to use less number of components in an assembly in Solidworks means you can go with FX580 itself, it suits your purpose best!

    If you are going to make something huge with more number of components involved means you have to go with FX1800, as it is an mid-range GPU!

    I think FX580 is best for your project & pocket!

    All the best for your new build!

    As an solidworks engineer, i am using dell precision 490 with FX3500, for building complete machines with around 2500-3000 parts including fasteners etc.., handles very smoothly!

    Go for FX580!
  2. oh, really? i can't believe a fx3500 working with 3500parts in sw... imagin what the fx4800 can do! :o

    oh, this is very good to know, a chair or a table uses only a thousand of parts, i mean, a chair uses 40~60parts and a table vary too much... 40~100 parts... i think i will go for fx580 then....

    by the way, some parts i use in two or three mounts, and i have habit of leaving several open drawings (minimized), has a problem with that??

    sorry again with my vary bad english! :(

    thank you!
  3. Sometimes 3500 leads to crash. But there are some bugs in Solidworks too.
    3500 never let me down.
    No problem with leaving several drawings open, 580 will take care of that.
    To be on safer side, just save your work,as soon as it's done, to keep ourselves out of trouble!
    All the best for your new build!

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  4. saran008 said:
    If you think my post was the most helpful, please remember to click on"SELECT AS BEST ANSWER"!

    That's a bit cheeky, don't you think.
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