Sony VAIO VGN-Z690 driver help.

I just got the VGN-Z690 customizable Z series VAIO. I want to put in Vista Ultimate 32-bit to get a fresh start but unfortunately they don't offer it for my version of Vista. They have and "only compatible" with are XP, Business 32-bit, Home Premium 64-bit and Ultimate 64-bit. Their tech support, which is as always lacking, told me they don't have any drives or software utilities for Ultimate 32-bit. I thought that drivers and utilities are categorize in either 32-bit or 64-bit and Vista and XP versions. I didn't know that Vista made it more complicated with pre-built system to have different drivers for each of the versions of the same OS. I don't know if Sony is the only one doing this or the tech support from them just don't know. Maybe it's just me. If I do go on and install my version of Vista, would I be able to use the Business drivers and utilities as it's a 32-bit version? Any other help would really appreciate it. By the way, is their an application that will let me know what drivers I need in my computer?
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  1. Yes, it's called Windows Updates that downloads & installs updates & drivers.
  2. Does it actual find the drivers unlike with the XP version? I have doubt that it will find all of it and any specific utilities that will go with that components.

    By the way here's the latest from Sony Support:

    Thank you for contacting Sony Support.

    I'm sorry that the previous response didn't resolve the issue. The device drivers and/or software updates are Operating System specific, they may not be compatible with the alternate Windows platforms. Unfortunately, due to the significant hardware requirements of Microsoft's Windows Vista Ultimate 32-bit environment, Sony can offer no assistance for any installation or hardware compatibility issues for the Windows Vista Ultimate 32-bit on your model.

    Thank you for understanding.

    The Sony Email Response Team
  3. Yes, it does. Nobody uses it. That's sad. The drivers are WHQL certified. Quaranteed to work.
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