How to get the RAM back up to speed

I've OCed my e4300 to 2.9ghz (322.2x9 = 2899mhz with stock voltage)), with the memory ration at 1:1 so the memory is at 322.2mhz. My RAM is 2GB of OCZ platinum xtc PC26400 so is specified to work at 400mhz.
When i change the ratio so the RAM is then working at around 480mhz, the system wont boot. I have very good air ventilation (Antc 900), so temps should not be a problem.

How do i get the RAM to OC too? Is it the voltage?

And also, is 62c ok for the CPU at load (prime95 torture test, with Sythe Ninja Plus Rev B with S-Flex 120mm fan with stock TIM). I would like to overclock it a bit further with a voltage increase, but I'm worried that the temps will be too high for my comfort. Should i be expecting more from the cooler?
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  1. temps are fine up the voltage of ur ram to 2.1v if u wanna run it @ 480mhz, or you can play with the multiplier for example 400*7 multiplier gives u 2800 and then you could still run it @ 1:1 and have your memories run @ 400mhz, tbh the ram o/c doesnt increase performance very much imho its not worth it
  2. Ok thanks!

    If those temps are ok then I might a little higher then.
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