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What is the Best way to Download The entire wikipedia?

Hey guys, a few month's ago i heard its possibly to d/l the entire Wikipedia looking into it now and as far as i can tell there are 3 different ways to to download. however im not sure what each one means and which way would be best? I guess ill let you know that Hard drive space is not an issue for me. Here are the 3 options that i see, thee maybe more? But again i dont know what the diffrence would be as for XML. Or HTML form?

1) Database backup dumps
A complete copy of all Wikimedia wikis, in the form of wikitext source and metadata embedded in XML. A number of raw database tables in SQL form are also available.

2) Static HTML dumps
A copy of all pages from all Wikipedia wikis, in HTML form.

3) DVD distributions
Available for some Wikipedia editions.

I also heard you can do the same with mapquest or google maps?

Thanks for any help with this guys!
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    You "hear" rumors. You couldn't possibly have a HD large enough to contain it, and it's also illegal, as it's all copyrighted. Ditto Mapquest and Google Maps.
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