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Howdy folks,

I'm well aware of the common compress-encrypt-decrypt-recompress cycle, but I have done some searching and haven't found a way to simply add a password to a folder (other than the general Windows User/Pass). I find it hard to believe there is not a program available that would require a password to open a folder in Vista (each time the said folder is opened).

Much thanks in advance!
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  1. Pretty useless if you ask me cuz I can boot up a live Windows/Linux on CD/DVD/USB and.. you know the rest.

    Encryption is the only way to go if you want privacy. You can use Windows EFS on a small partition that stores your files.
  2. Another simple trick is to make the folder a hidden folder.
    This will keep 90% of the people out there from finding it.

    I do this a lot when I work on someones computer.
    This way I can keep fresh copies of drivers, programs I dont want them to use, and notes to myself concerning what I have done.

    The trick is to give the primary folder a name that you wont forget as it wont show up in a standard directory listing.

    Its not top security but it helps.
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